Coming from Knack (2)

Hi everyone. I’m considering migrating from Knack, so I’m trying to reproduce the main features of the app I already have in production in Knack but I’m getting stuck. How do I add connected child records after adding a parent record through a form?

How it’s done on Knack: I have a form through which a non-logged user submits a report (parent table). The form has a submit rule “Redirect to a new child page”; in that child page the user can submit multiple evidences (child table) for the report. I have a table view (that starts blank) showing added evidences, and a form below to add a new evidence. Everytime the user fills the form, it adds an evidence to the top table, all connected to the report.

How are we supposed to do that, or what would be the equivalent method, in Tadabase? I see no “Redirect to a new child page” option.

Well I was able to do it via a workaround. I created a new page with a table view with the reports, with a link for a details page. I created another row where I put a form to add a new report. On the submit rules on this form I pointed to the Details page created by the table view. It worked (i.e. the details view show details from the report just created via the form. On the details page I put a table to show evidences and enabled the button to add a new evidence.

On the parent page, I then had to hide the first row, with the table view (I don’t want users to see other reports, as the page is public). I edited the row and changed visibility to “only users with specific logged-in user roles” (I created a dummy role used by no one). Now the table view doesnt appear.

So it worked, but there should be a less cumbersome way to do it…