Coming from Knack (3): Importing files

I’m trying to migrate an app from Knack to Tadabase. I have data tables with several thousand records that contain file fields (most populated by .pdf and .html files).

I tried exporting the Knack data tables to CSV files. The file field on the CSV contains the URL to the respective file on Knack’s servers. The URL works ok (i.e. you can open/download the file from the URL).

However when importing into tadabase and mapping the field to an Attachment field, it won’t import (field remains blank after import). I suppose it doesn’t understand that it should retrieve the file from the URL and store in the field. In fact, Tadabase documentation says file fields can’t be imported.

Any suggestions what can I do from here? Manual uploading is impracticable. I also tried creating a new URL field in the Tadabase table, map the CSV file field to it (it works), and then running the REST API pipe (“Saving to a file field”) to try to read the URL field and save on the file field, but to no avail (i’m no good at APIs though). Is that even possible?

You can do this using Integromat. It would essentially involve the following steps:

  1. Search for Records
  2. Iterator (to loop through all your records)
  3. HTTP request to “Get a File”
  4. Find Record in Tadabase
  5. Add attachment

Test a couple at a time to make sure it works, and then you can fire off hundreds. Note that Tadabase usually times out at about 30-45 minutes depending on your plan, so if you have thousands, you may want to break that up into groups of like 500 or so.

Thanks a lot! But unfortunately we don’t have an Integromat or Zapier subscription at the office…

But anyway isn’t the idea of Tadabase pipes to do away with the need for Integromat? I supposed this would be possible with one of the pipes, especially the REST API

I too am faced with the task of moving from Knack to Tadabase.

It is not a trivial exercise and I’m making slow progress (when I can dedicate the time in amongst my day to day tasks).

I would go with the integromat suggestion. Yes, you should be able to achieve what you need to with pipes (with table rules and scheduled tasks) but I’d expect the relative ease of use and speed of development of Integromat will pay for itself quite quickly. Also Knack throws lots of errors when you hit it hard, and I’m not sure there is any error handling built into the pipes, to handle this.

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On second thoughts, I’m not sure a pipe approach will work for this use case.
The file’s data needs to be downloaded to somewhere, before being uploaded to Tada.
I’d need to tinker with pipes some more, to see if this is possible, but from my limited experience with pipes thus far, I’m not sure how this is possible.