Coming from Knack, running out of fields

I am re-creating an app that depended on a single record with 199 fields (silly I know). Even pairing things down I’ve run out of fields even with a slightly better subscription. Instead of trying to force everything into one table, I’ve started experimenting with having multiple tables that account for one “Case”. Table 1 has metadata and is where I’d upload 200+ records daily. With a unique ID that is my auto increment, I’d like to ensure that Table 2 and Table 3 (maybe a future Table 4) have a record generated, connection by UID autoincrement, so that I can load the various tables based on info from my Table 1 metadata. I’ve only seen options to go outside of Tadabase. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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The field limitations you’re running into are actually not controlled by us. It’s an infrastructure limit that has pretty hard stops in regards to how many fields can be present in a Data Table. The number varies based on field types and how their individual percentage, or weight, contributes towards 100%

Here’s an article with the specific field limits, per field.

Hey Tim!

Thanks for the reply. Is there a chance that you have literature on compiling a total record from multiple data tables? If I am to efficiently break my single records fields across multiple tables (which is actually fantastic as I will only load small necessary portions at a given time), how can I ensure that the connection from Table 1, Table 2, Table 3 all = Record 1? If I ingest a record into Table 1, how can I ensure that a record is assigned and connected in Table 2 and 3 as well for the whole picture without leaving built in TadaBase functions?



We don’t have anything for that specific use case but I suppose that generally speaking, you’re still referring to records having connections to other records.

I’d probably start here:

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Hey Tim!

After watching Cascading Connections I thought it might be helpful to draw out what I had in mind whether its in the current arsenal or not. Hope this kind of explains what I’m after.

Up top would be the required connections and below would be the necessary steps.