Coming from Knack

If you use Knack and now you want to use Tadabase, what’s the simplest way to migrate everything? What’s different from Tadabase to Knack? The first questions i had were:

  1. Where do you add auto-increment?
  2. How do you add Text formula and Equation?
  3. Moe said to import the data Object that has most connections going TO it? Is this because when I select what field type it is I have the most choice of connections to choose from?
  4. Moe said I can get record ID from knack? What is that useful for and how do I get it?
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@Ramsey hey there!

  1. Auto Increment is a selectable field type
  2. Text formulas are under the field category called Basic. Equations are under the Number category.
  3. Yes I believe you’re right
  4. I’m not entirely sure - I think he would need to elaborate on that statement a bit more.
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When exporting records from Knack choose the JSON option. Once its exported convert the JSON to CSV using something like this site:

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@moe Great, thanks. That will then include the record ID as a field right? And how will that change things?

@Ramsey Many platforms track connected records using the ID. If you import this way the connected records can be imported and mapped using the ID to ensure if you don’t have a unique value for the connections it’ll map correctly.

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Thanks for that moe, so the important thing is the record ID that is stored in the connection field?

Secondly, the problem with converting from JSON to CSV is that you lose the header names and all you get are field names “field_123”, “field_124” instead of “Name”, “Email”.

So I believe from the JSON exported file, i just need to get the columns with connection fields that contain the record ID.

I could then copy those specific columns in to a csv file that did not lose all header names.

What if i dont import the records and only the data strcuture, how will the connections work, or do i need records for this to work properly?

Question for you, are there particular reasons you’ve moved away from Knack?

I happened to visit their website today and noticed they have identical styles, likely using the same components. For instance, they use the same Chart component.

Until now I didn’t realize how similar.

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Many of us have have come from Knack and/or Zoho to Tada. Knack and Tada are very similar in features and pricing but knack does not compare to Tada in several categories such as app design - it takes a ton of css/js to achieve the same design functions in Tada. There is 1 template for Knack compared to Tadas 10+ templates and more are coming.

Tada Features vs Knack
1.) Better Design Features
2.) Pipes (there is nothing like this on Knack or Zoho)
3.) Support - this is a major one. Moe and Chem provides unmatched support and solutions. You will rarely find Knack Reps providing solutions in the forums.
4.) Feature Updates - speed of updates are unmatched
5.) Better Builder
6.) No Tim Young at Knack! Tim is a real asset to the Tada forums providing quick solutions.


Definitely Tadabase’s biggest advantage! :heart_eyes:

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@moe @intelligroup

@fly Can’t beat the tech support here. Team is tight. User speed was another thing I noticed right off the bat as tadabase was noticeably better for my teams in the field. Design options are greatly improved here (I suspect you can do anything anywhere with the right skill set, but as an armature I have found it way easier to get a decent look).

My 2 cents for what it is worth.


Thanks - some really great points here.

Tim and I have certainly connected many times, he’s a gem!

@fly Tadabase is better designed for public facing apps with the ability to host it on your own domain quite easily, as well as having the feature to verify users email; knack is more for private internal tools for companies. The other reason is that Tadabase can display information on the frontend that is not stored to the database. Also you can do API integrations, and im sure many many other things, for example you can generate more than one api key. It seems Tadabase can improve much faster with feature improvements from listening to users. I’m just about to get started with Tadabase, what with the personal touch of being able to talk to the founder, I know that support will be 10x better.

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How do you validate an email?

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Page Rules Question: Hide components on page. Hello. Is there a functionality in Tadabase that allows (based on a condition) components or rows to be hidden? Use Case: I have one table that contains all the fields for several types of products. So in a regular table view I would list the different types of products along with other boiler plate info. But, when they click on the details page, there is a hide rule that hides all the rows/detail components that “is not” the type of product, and only shows detail about the type that that record detail is. I played with page rules, but don’t see a hide option. Thanks.

Hey @TadabaseJunkie,

I’d like to get a better understanding of how your app/pages are set up. Can you share some screenshots, specifically the data source for the components you’d like to hide?

Tim - Here’s a quick video showing what my use case is … my be quicker to understand watching this than trying to write it out. Thanks - Dave


That helps a ton, thank you.

There’s 2 ways you can do this (that I can think of)

  1. Display rules in a single Details Component

  1. Using the Tadabase JavaScript API. Inside the JavaScript tab of the details page, you’ll see you can add page field values. You could use those in an If statement to hide components. I tried messing with this a bit, but my JavaScript abilities are quite poor!
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Do you think that knak is better than tdb on that?

Are there no other features where knack is better than tdb?

Knack has inline editing filtering on connected fields, which is a big deal and a must have for Tadabase.