COMMUNITY BUILD: How would you setup a budget tracking app?

I’ve been thinking lately of apps that could be “community” built. Simple app ideas that could have MANY variations. Obviously we can’t all work on the same app so maybe what we can do is share ideas, and post examples of how YOU build the app. Let’s call this a group exercise :grinning:

If this goes well, maybe we could do it more often?

Anyways, the app that seems like a good starting point is a Budget Tracking app. These can come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s put a couple conditions on it.

  1. DON’T SHARE PERSONAL INFO - Here is a list of sample expenses I found that you can use
  2. Recommended fields to use
  • Name
  • Amount
  • Type (expense or income)
  • Category (rent, car payment, monthly subscription to Catster Magazine, etc.)
  • Frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, etc)
  2. Single user - this is an app for personal use

Bonus Points

Can you track expenses/income by DATE and keep a running and projected balance?

I honestly don’t know if this is possible


What do you think?
Should we do this?
Are we doing this?
Should I silently delete this post and pretend it never happened?

Hi @tim.young the more examples of apps we have & tips & tricks the better. Just need to find the time to do it for “fun”! :laughing: