Congratulations on practically deleting the help chat option in your builder (sarcasm)

This is an official complaint about the help chat.
It used to be quite simple: you write a chat with a question in the builder. Someone from Tadabase would get online, and you would get some ideas how to solve your issue.

In the last months I noticed that some kind of chatbot was installed, complicating to make contact unnecessarily. But at lease somehow I got a real life person who could give an answer in the end.
Today, after 5 weeks not needing it, I tried using the chat again. I ended up with only dead-ends. No way to convey a message.

Please mind that you are killing a Unique Selling Point for Tadabase. The chat and the quality of the people behind the chat was giving Tadabase a strategical advantage over the many other nocode platforms.

Please rethink your chat help. As it is now, you can also take it away. It is like a labyrinth with no way out. Please make it simple again: just a chat with a real life person behind it, helping the citizen developer. That is why we use nocode: we lack a lot of knowledge in IT development and therefore we need some help not only technically: how to use the platform, but also more functionally: about IT and Database concepts and solutions.

An alternative is this community platform, but then you have to do way better in speed in answering the queries here.

@moe @tim.young


Hey @Peter

Totally hear you and appreciate your feedback.

Long story short, our library of content and resources has grown so much recently and we feel it’s super important to make this information as available as possible which is why it’s presented in the chat widget first and foremost.

There’s tons of stuff we want to continue to improve with our support experience - mainly tickets. However, the chat widget will remain for engagement, chat, news and updates, and access Tadabase resources.

p.s. - it’s 3 clicks to get to the chat section :wink:

3 klicks - really? First you must find the way in the labyrinth you have created. So I guess it is my fault, that I cannot find the way, my intelligence…

Don’t get me wrong: I love Tadabase and I truly wish it would become one of the standards in the Nocode field, get traction, earn a lot of money, so to become even better. It surely has ROI for me and the management of my company.

That is why I ask you to not throw away the USP which makes you stand-out amongst all others: Real life persons instead of an anonymous chatbot.

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