Connect 2 record from 2 different table using another table

Hi Tadabase,

I am working on connecting 2 records from different table using another table.
Here is the details:

I have 3 tables, Position table, Applicant table (users), Template table (tests)


  1. Create position name, then choose/create applicant name connected to position name.
  2. after creating applicant name, will go to page where I can choose test for the applicant,
  3. then there is a button on the table when pressed will assign the template to the applicant i just made.
  4. the goal is to make duplicate of the template and assign it to the applicant.
  5. In this way, when the applicant answer the test, it will not answer the original test.

Why I put it in the position table? so that I can collect all the result of all the candidates, connected to the same position and compare it for assessment purpose.

If there is a turnaround on this process. Please help me.

Thank you!