Connect 2 table from different table

Hi tadabase,

I am creating a database for applicants by vacancy name.

Here is the process:

  1. I create a vacancy where I need to connect people involve in that position that includes the hiring managers and the applicant.
  2. After I connect the applicant to the position, I need to choose a template that I want to send to him so that I can check his skills.

My idea is that:

  1. create vacancy, after hitting next, i will go the page where i can choose or create applicant.
  2. after selecting the applicant or creating them, when I press the next button, i will go to page where i can see the templates.
  3. on the template table, there is an action button saying use this template, then after pressing it, the button will change to confirm. then after hitting confirm. This template will create a duplicate but the duplicate will be assigned to the applicants name. then will leave the original copy on the owner of the template.

The problem is that, I can connect the table 1 to table 3, but how I can connect table 2 to 1?
If this will not work, can anyone make a turn around for these please.

Thank you

@edison -

From the sounds of it the Parent will be the vacancy table. The Child will be the Applicant. The Grandchild will be the Skills/Template table.

Have connections FROM child and grandchild to Vacancy.

Have connection FROM grandchild to child.

This document should help in the multi-step “form”.

Thank you so much @SafetyUniversity I will check on it and get back to you for an update. :slight_smile: cheers!

Hi @SafetyUniversity,

Thank you for this.

In the example, the existing page is available in the submit rule. But for me, it is not, I added a user form that will connect to the existing record. or under the same record

When I add an edit button: it will look like this on submit rule:

But when I add a detail page and add form connecting to the record, the submit rule look like this:

The pages under the record where i can choose which page i want to go upon clicking the button is gone. Can any please help me with this?

Please… Thank you!