Connect the New Record with Existing Record

Hi Tadabase,

I am struggling on how to do this, I tried the “Local storage” but the “Browse Local Storage” is not available in the option of update in the Record Rules, I also tried the Pipe for “Filter by a Single Field” it doesn’t work.

Here is my connections and simple illustration of the process:

Here is the order.

  1. I create a record for reference table, upon creating, it will automatically create and ID, identifier.
  2. I add “Edit” page under Reference, I add the connection Hiring Manager and Division dropdown. Here, I used the Filter by Single Field in Tadabase Rest API Pipe to automatically fill up the connection field in the Hiring Manager (User Table) and Division (Division table) connected to Reference table (ID).
  3. I add “Details” page under Reference, under the Details page I add form to create USER,
  4. This for will create NEW USER connected to Reference Table. How ever, I cannot fill up the connection field of the user because the pipe and the Local Storage is not working.

In the USER table, there are connection to Hiring Manager, Division and ID from Reference Table.
Now, upon creating New USER, I want the Hiring Manager, Division and ID field fill up. I wasn’t able to do it. I am thinking that it will be easy because it was already available in the Reference Table.

May I know how to do this? Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @edison -

I apologize for being a bit dense but what are you trying to do with your scenario described in this posting? I’m confused…


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Hi @SafetyUniversity,

I am sorry! What I want to happen is to automatically fill this part of the record:

In this component:

I used the “Edit”
and to fill up those blank fields. I used this:

It works.

I also use this to assign a template:

For this one, I used the action button on the table itself.

But, this 2 methods didn’t work when I use the “Create” form. Like this:

the Local storage is not available here:

I know I must a missed something.

I hope I did my self clear. Thank you for making me clarify it.