Connected field records displaying on Page Builder but not visible in Data Builder?

Hi all,

I’m new to Tadabase so apologies if I’ve missed this topic elsewhere. I have two tables: ‘Clients’ and ‘Jobs’ belonging to the clients from the first table. The Clients table is very simple: just the client name as one field and a second field with the industry sector they belong to.

I’ve created a connection field in the Jobs table to pull the client’s name from the Clients table (works fine) and I want to show the sector the client belongs to too - on other products, I’ve done this with a lookup field to get the value from the same record, but I believe in Tadabase you need a second connection field? I’ve done that and set it the ‘Display Field’ as ‘Sector’.

In the Data Builder view there are no values in the connection field Sector column of the Jobs table (and nothing in the detailed record view either) but when I switch to a Page Builder view using that Jobs table it does work though and shows the values pulled through from the Client table!

so it seems the connection is actually there to look up the matching sector value for that client??

Anybody got a tip for what I’m doing wrong so the values show in the second connection field in the Jobs data table or is this expected behaviour for the Data Builder view?

Thanks in advance,


As a new forum member, I could only add one image above, but here’s what I see in the same table in the Data Builder: