Convert Estimate to Invoice

Hello everyone, another question. Lets say I have an estimates table and when the time comes and the client has decided to go ahead with the work, how would one take that estimate and convert it to a job in the system so that we can do the work. Estimates, Jobs, Invoices all have separate numbering systems. Then when completed, covert the job to an invoice for billing. All the meanwhile not losing the original estimate, job tied to the invoice. I can do this in filemaker through scripting but am nor sure about Tadabase. Not sure because of child tables. Not only the primary tables need to be updated with new records, but the underlying lineitems table need updating.

Can this even be done?

HI @SBAS, I use generally to copy records and this kind of stuff, so in this instance I’d have a TB webhook trigger on the update status of the quote and when that event is triggered (quote becomes invoiced), it would create the parent (Invoice) and child (now invoice line items). All doable directly in TB too no doubt with JavaScript and API’s but I prefer to execute this outside as I find it faster, easier to maintain etc…


I was looking at the records pipe. It has the duplicate parent and child feature. can that be used in this situation. or is it only for duplicating records in the current table.

the Duplicate pipe creates a copy of the record in the same table but you can create new records and populate the fields it just needs mapping each field.

So ultimately it came down to using make for this job. And I have it working pretty smoothly. Some validation to be added like asking if the user wants to create this job or letting them know that a job has been created for this estimate already. But, I am new to tadabase and have looked into this type of thing yet.

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