Convert field type

Is it possible to convert a field from one type to another? For example, say I initially define a field as a text field, and then realize I need for it to be a Select field. Is it possible to change the type? Does not look like it is.

I see that it’s possible to convert a Text field to a Long Text or Email field. But can’t see how to convert to a Select or Multiselect field.

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You can only change types if they’re within the same category.

In order not to lose the data entered, it is better to create the new field and replace the values with the rules or with the tasks

Ah, too bad, but what I suspected. Thanks, Tim.

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How can we do it? For example if we wish to change a short text field into a long text field. Thx!

@tdbusr, looks like your question from September 27 hasn’t been answered. You’ve probably figured it out but for benefit of anybody else, here’s what you can do.

I have a field ProjectDesc that I accidentally defined as a text field. It should be long text. In the data builder, I selected the table, clicked on the Fields tab (at the top), then clicked on this field. This brings up a dialog where I can edit the properties of the field. At the top there is a small button labeled with the field’s current data type (“Text”). I click on that and I’m shown the other types that the field can be converted to (long text, rich text and email). I picked Long Text and saved my way out of things.

Unfortunately these are the only options. Can’t use this approach to convert a text field to, say, a date or number field (even if it contains only dates or numbers). If you have to do that, you’ll need to create a new field of the correct data type, and move the data from the mis-typed field (for all records) into the new field.