Convert text to URL in text field

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In one of the columns in the table components, the data type is set as text, while by random there maybe URL. Is there any way to detect the URL and convert to hyperlink?

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You can likely use a pipe for this.

How do you know if a text field is a url? What does the saved data look like?

What about just using a table rule on create & edit?

If {Text Field} contains “https” -> set {Link Field} to value of {Text Field}

Edit: just another thought, would using a rich text field display a URL automatically?

The data is connected by Zapier from other platform…it returns with an audio / video record which is in form of text (and it’s a URL link)
which pipe should I use? :slight_smile:

So It’s always a link but formatted as text? Why not just have Zapier save it to a Link field instead of a text field?

It’s because most of the time, the data is text, sometimes would be links

What about filtering the data in Zapier before sending it to Tadabase?

I’m assuming you want all the data in 1 field in Tadabase, rather than having a field for non links and a field for links

I agree with Tim. It’s easier to do in Zapier and then you can just dump it into Tadabase already as a link. You can use the Zapier formatting tools to append and prefix the “https://” and “.com” or whatever you need to add.