Copy&Paste issue?

Hi there

Has anyone come across this issue before?

Content is not recognised when I use copy & paste and I DO NOT edit the field before clicking the submit button.

See below

I am using Chrome.
Why is this happening and how can I fix this?

Hope I can get some direction, thank you in advance.

This was a bug a while back that I thought we’d fixed. Either way this will be fixed with a day or so.

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thank you @moe appreciated

Hi @moe I have noticed some changes to this issue recently,

I am now unable to paste images into the Rich Text field

And I continue to have to click the field after pasting the content to save it

I look forward to hearing from you


We have the same issue with all of our Rich Text Fields - also primarily using Chrome, but I just checked and it is the same in Safari.

If we just copy, paste and click Update - nothing saves. So we have to copy, paste, click space and then click Update. Seems like a silly complaint, but it does get frustrating when you are trying to quickly update fields with notes from email, etc. Hopefully it can be corrected soon!

Hi all-

If you are doing a direct copy/paste into a rich text field (e.g., copying text from another web page or word document) it won’t recognize it. I always click on the source code button in the rich text field menu and paste the text in there then go clean up the formatting.

I have not encountered the error that @sahiraz has been encountering before.