Could Someone Give me Any Advice on How to Connect Custom Processes with Tadabase?

Hello everyone :wave: :wave:

I have been looking into its strong capabilities for developing custom data apps. Already; the platform has impressed me; and I am excited about learning more about its capabilities. .
We have a form that collects numerous types of information from various groups. I want to make sure that the data is checked in real time as users enter it; providing immediately if there are any problems with the absence of fields.

Depending on the information that came in; multiple groups must be approached; and certain actions must be taken. For example, if any field value exceeds a particular limit, an alert should be delivered to the relevant team, and an additional task should be generated immediately.

For communication and data administration, our business makes use of a variety of third-party services such as google sheets. I need to create processes that can transfer data from Tadabase to these technologies and back again.

Once the data has been collected and analysed, we must create detailed charts and graphs which offer information about the way we operate. I am interested in analysing patterns and detecting limitations in our operations.

  • What are the best methods for building complex dependent processes in Tadabase.
  • How can I connect Tadabase with external technologies to ensure effortless information?
  • Are there any extensions that you might suggest to improve Tadabases natural features?
  • What strategies can I apply to build exciting and clever presentations in Tadabase?

Also I explored some topics related to this but I did not get the sufficient solution of my query so I would really want to get some help from a more experienced person.

I am exciting to hear from anyone who experiences similar issues and has knowledge with these types of connections. :hugs: Any advice; resources; and experiences you could provide would be really useful for me.

Thank you in advance for your efforts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Kamya,

I’m not sure what you’re familiar with already but these features you may want to explore:

Dynamic fields are great for “readonly” real-time calculations -
Dynamic Field | Tadabase.

Validation rules may be useful to you too, read about those here:


Tadabase Pipes (aka the API) - there are now lots of videos and reference information available on this. Pipes: Integrate Your Apps with Services You Love | Tadabase
Academy Introduction to PIpes :

If you’re new to Tadabase - be sure to check-out the Academy


We have developed a similar solution for a client utilizing Make Scenarios which allows us the ability to run a series of operations that would transfer data back and forth to/from your google sheets and TadaBase and can create tasks or additional records and notifications based on specified criteria of data.

Using dynamic routing rules we can almost handle all tasks and automate your workflows and processes seamlessly.

We are happy to provide a free consultation to review in more detail your needs and we offer consulting as a TadaBase Development Partner.

You can schedule a call with an engineer by emailing

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