Count (Complex Formula) or Rollup, which one is best?

There is a new roll up field that appeared in the Tables.

Should we still be using the “Count (Complex Formula)” or move to roll up for counting records?

Option #1

Roll Up Field = Count the number of Alert records connected to the User

Option #2

Count (Complex Formula) Field = Count the number of Alert records connected to the User

Which one is best?


For the mathematical options they are identical (including being able to be used in full equation fields); “dealers choice” on which one you want to use. The Rollup provides additional options for CONCAT a string of record values which help with condensed lists.

I typically will choose a rollup since it provides more options.

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Hi, I agree that both can be almost the same. However, we should confirm if automation rules work the same, I mean, with rollup if you change something in the connected table, the rollup value is updated, but if you have an edit rule to change something if this rollup changes, nothing happens. You need to set a daily automation/task to do a batch update, copying the rollup value to the field you need. I did not check the count behavior yet.


Hi all :wave:

For some insight here - our plan with the Rollup Field is to replace the existing complex formulas that are available (count, min, max, sum, avg). We will not do this until the Rollup Field can do everything that the original complex formulas can, as referenced above, specifically in regards to the functions of the Page Builder.

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