Create a database rule that places the Connected Tables Join value into the corresponding field?

I have 3 tables, Permits, Jobs and Customers.

Customers are at the very top of the hierarchy,Jobs are joined to them and lastly Permits are joined to BOTH Jobs and Customers.

I have an Add Jobs page where you can add a new Permit record. Tadabase automatically takes care of creating the join between the Permit and the Job.

However, I need to join the Permit to the same Customer record the Job is already joined to.

I already know everything about the Customer record, it’s account number, internal record ID etc

How do you join them?

I was thinking of using a Table Rule to pass a value into the Permit’s Join with the Customer table but what value would I put in here and how would it know which field of the Customer table the join was for?

Try this @GREDDIE -

[JoinPermits2Customers (join)] to CONNECTED RECORD of [select the connection of the jobs table to the customers table].

I am working on an application right now and have the exact same connection. I then go into my Data Builder (for the Permits in your case) and set the record rule so it runs all the time vs. having to build the record rule in each form.

DM me if you’d like a video or Zoom and I can explain my connections for the app I am building to give you a better idea.

Hope this helps,

Hi Adam, That worked a treat, thank you so much that’s great to know I’ll need to use that elsewhere in the app too.

Thanks again ! :grinning: