Create a PDF and then auto-save it to a Connected Record's Attachment Field - can this be done 100% inside TB?

Here’s a PDF use case that we have working (with frequent breakage) in Integromat / Make but would really like to bring entirely into Tadabase for stability / security.

Use Case: A user “Approves” a record, and we create a PDF at the time of approval that memorializes the approval: who / what / when was approved. Then if anyone asks later if the approval was valid, we can just send the PDF as immediate verification (instead of looking for field updates inside the record, etc.)

Ideal workflow would be something like:

  1. User clicks a big green “Approve” button (action link)
  2. Record status is updated to “Approved” and Approval_Time_Stamp field is updated to Current Date / Time
  3. Create a PDF with the Approver, Approval Time, fields that were approved
  4. Save that “Approved_Verification.pdf” into the Attachment field of either the approved record or, better, as a new record in the connected “Approval Records” table.

Easy to do outside Tadabase (we’ve had this working for 2+ years), but when we set up the workflow inside Tadabase it creates the PDF but the PDF just pops open in a new browser window (doesn’t save the PDF, we have to do that manually, which doesn’t work).

Anyone know how to make this work 100% inside Tadabase? Would be awesome if we could figure this out. Make / Integromat is great but also not super-stable and I worry also not a full SOC2 extension of Tadabase so we have info security concerns using the various tools that hook in there.


This will need to be done using an external service such as integromat/zapier and AWS or some other 3rd party PDF processing service.