Create a pipe to update connected records on record edit

Hi all,

Curious about creating a pipe to run on a record edit that will update connected records.

I have a users table that contains business name, address, and logo. If a user updates any of those fields, I’d like to be able to update all of their connected records with the new business name, address, and logo.

What do you think?

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Hey Tim,

Why would you not have a company table that contains all company info and have the users table connected to the company table therefore if a user changes company info it gets auto updated to any other connected tables from the main company table - no need for a pipe.

This sounds more like a 'foreach loop."

We can probably code something like this with a pipe where you pass the parameters as values and conditions.

For example:

For each TableName where field_1 = "1" Set field_2 = this.field_3

We’ll investigate this later this week.