Create and edit a single record without using a table

Hey, my app has a 1:1 table relationship with the child table needing just one record. There will never be a need for more than 1 child record related to the parent.

Is it possible to create and edit a record using a form and without needing to do so via a Table?

thank you.

You can definitely create the record using a form component. Can you clarify what you mean by edit?

Thanks Sam,

We may want to visit the record later and edit the data in it. Ordinarily we would view the ‘record details’ of a record in the table and then edit the field values but we are trying to avoid having to use a table.

Have you tried the custom component?

I do this frequently by adding a list, limiting the results to 1 record, then just add an edit link and building out the edit screen.

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@richardch372 if you add a form to a details page it will give you the option to “Edit this pages record”:

I think the issue will be how will you toggle between the different records to edit if you don’t have a table?

Can I ask why you don’t want to use the table component? That may she some light on a different way to accomplish this.

Thanks for the input guys, I think @mdykstra suggestion seems to be the right way forward.

@Sam there will only ever be 1 record for each parent so no navigation needed between records.

Ok great! Thanks @mdykstra for the solution

Hey @Sam i havent tried it just yet. ill feed back once I’ve tried it. :smiley: