Create default avatar in a file field as a profile pic

I’d like to add a default image to the file field used for the users profile pic. I can’t see how i would be able to do this I tried to update the field with url to the image without success.

Currently, the users profile page place for the clients profile pic is a blank space if no pic uploaded. i think having a default like gravatar would be better.

I have solved it like this.
I have created a table rule:

This is the pipe call:

I created this pipe:

The pipe call:

This is the table, where the default image is stored

This is the image I use:

I definitely did not think of this myself. Someone in the chat help, from the old days, when real persons were there to help, helped me with this solution. So I don’t remember who I have to attribute this solution to, but it still works.

Thank you for sharing this @Peter. I have most of it set up now, would you mind sharing screenshots of the remaining Pipe tabs. I am missing something and guess i have not completed one of the Pipe tabs correctly.


I hope this helps.