Create multiple email in 1 form, duplicate parent and child depends on the count of email created, assign it to each parent record and send email to notify the users created


Is there a way that I can create a several email in one form. For example: I will enter 3-4 names and emails and upon click the button, it will create 3-4 users and duplicate the parent and child depends on the number of the email created?

Is this possible? if it is. Can you show me how please?

Thank you in advance.

The easiest way I can think of is that you create several identical fields in the table what you are talking about, so name1- email1, name2-email2 etc. Then you can use the usual way of sending notifications in Tadabase for email.

It might be a bit ugly solution, but if you know that there will never be more than 5 or even 10 emails to send to in your application, it would work.

But I guess you are looking for a more sophisticated solution…

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the suggestion. I already tried it. It is quite good in the admin side but it is not on the user side. Hoping someone can help me on this.

Hi @edison -

This is not possible natively in TB. An API-type of custom call will need to be created if your intent is that dynamic emails recipients and the creation of potentially infinite number of records.


Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:


If it is not possible I guess 1 at a time will do. However, I got an issue. I have 3 tables, a Template, Users and Temp Email. I want to duplicate the Template record that is parent and child and creating a record on the temp email table because I want to see all the emails I have sent that moment.
This is what I want to happen. Please refer to image below. When I click the Invite participant. window will pop up, If I click the + button, it will require for name and email when i hit save. it will create a duplicate on the template. then it will show on the list the name and the email i just made. then when i want to add more email. just press the + button. then when i am finish, i just hit the send invite and it will clear all the email i just enter to the list.

Is this possible?

I hope you can help me please.

Thank you.