Create records under 1 company with different user

Hi Tadabase!

I just want to ask if this process already exist. IF it is, please redirect me on how to do it.

I am wondering how to build this and here is the scenario:

  1. I have a company, I am also under that company, I also have couple of users under my company.
  2. I have templates, under this templates are set of questions. When I log in to my account, and I want to create a template… There is 1 table for me. My template, and there is an Org template. meaning for my organization. everytime I make template. it will make a copy to the org template.
  3. when a user logs in under my company, and want to make a template. his template and my template is different but, when he make a template, upon saving it will be under the org template which he can also access.

I draw a simple diagram to explain what I am talking about:

Everyone can access that Company 1 table.

Is this possible? please give me idea.

Thank you!

Hey @edison!

For me, it’s always easier to break things down into more common language. So the way I understand this, and how I look at feasibility is like this:

In this example, you have 4 tables.



JOBS connects to USERS and COMPANIES

TASKS connects to JOBS and USERS and COMPANIES

This type of structure can be seen here :point_down:

So User 1 can create a Job with a set of Tasks that’s connected to themselves as a user, and also connected to their company.

When displaying any of these records in a table or list, you can now filter them by either “connected to the logged in user”, which would only show Jobs or Tasks that have a direct connection to the User (my jobs, my tasks).

or filtered by “company is connected to the logged in users company”, which would show all Jobs or Tasks that belong to the Users company.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I will check it out now.