Create tasks/ automations to run only on workdays?

I’d like to setup automations to on run on work days. We run projects that are mostly Mon- Fri, but occasionally have some that people work Saturday and also sometimes Sunday.

Projects have daily tasks that need to be completed and I’m trying to setup an automation (pipe?) that will only schedule a daily task when the project days are working days.

Same goes for overdue task reminders; I have setup an automation to send overdue task reminders, but would like these to only be sent if it is a work day.

I’m new to Tadabase, so would greatly appreciate any assistance- Thanks!

@davo and welcome to Tadabase!

I think the easiest way to achieve this might be to first find out the day of the week and add conditions to only run the automated task if the day of the week is not 1 (Sun) or 7 (Sat). With Pipe you can take this a step further and check if its a valid working day. So even if its day 4 only send task if its not a holiday.

The simpler approach first is to add an equation field and and set it to get the DAYOFWEEK{{date_field}}

Once you have the day of week you can add that as a condition in your tasks.

Hi @moe, Thanks for the help. I got this to work somewhat by getting the current day, and scheduling the task for the ‘next business day’ (standard pipe).

We need the date in dd/mm/yyy, but it seems like the pipe is returning the value in mm/dd/yyyy (US) format.

eg: I’m running the task on a Sunday 7 March (7/3/21), and it is given me the next day as 03/08/2021. So it seems to be correct ie: the 8th would be a Monday, but it’s in the wrong format so our system reads it as 3 August 21.

This was just a test really to see if I could get it to work, so not sure if this is even an issue. The plan is to get it to check it against the project work days (eg only create a new task on workdays). I got the pipe to check the current date to give the day of week, like you suggested, but not really sure what to do with it after that?

Any ideas?