Create URL containing record ID

I’m trying to figure out to create a link to a job application form that a company can post on their website - I assume the URL would need the COMPANY Record ID so the application gets submitted to the correct company.

You’re using a form component? Can you connect it to a logged in user who’s connected to a company?

The applicant will not be logged in so Im trying to figure out how to put the company record id in the URL of the application link then have the record id populate the company name on the form so it gets posted to the proper company account.

@intelligroup I don’t have an answer for this right now, gonna have to think about it for a bit. I moved these posts to a new topic for more visibility :+1:

If the user is on a company details page, can you try adding a form to that page? You should be able to select “add a new record connected to company”

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