Credit Card Processing? Poll

Over the last little while, we’ve developed built-in credit card processing for our Enterprises. I’m trying to gauge here, is there a demand for the ability to process credit cards amongst our community?

It works as a component inside of a form where you define the amount and use record rules to set response data.

Let us know below or add some comments in this thread.

How important is credit card processing for your app?

  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Not necessary

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Yes, ideally as a direct integration with Stripe so it can either be internal or external facing.

It would be yet another powerful string to your bow. I have apps on other platforms that could never migrate because I need native payments. I currently have an app within TB that would benefit from it now - happy to be a tester :wink:

I would be surprised if there were is no interest in this, even to have it in your own armoury could sell or develop the next app idea. Worst case would you sell as an affordable bolt on per app? Same with other high end features until I can justify/need enterprise!

@Roger, happy to hear you would have a use case for this. I’d love to get you testing it, I’ll enable it for your account over the weekend.

I’ll post a short video here in a little bit explaining how it works.

Awesome! Thank you Moe.

I could also very much use this and am happy to test!

Hi Moe,
also works with subscriptions or one-time payments only.
In the case of monthly subscriptions, which fields / functions should I add?

Thank you

I also have a need for this. My K-12 districts ask for me to provide built in payment processing for them to handle payments from parents for device repairs and other fees that are due. I would love to have access to this,

@DanioA this is for one time payment only.

@centellix, this is already available, feel free to test. See this video for more details;