NEW! Stripe Payment Processing

Related to this post: Credit Card Processing? Poll, I wanted to make a quick video to demonstrate the built-in Stipe Payments


Looking forward to this!

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Hey Moe,

Is there any chance I can trial this please? I have a case use for a club that I volunteer for.

I believe this is already enabled for you. You should see the option in the settings of your app.

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Thank you - eyes were wide shut!

Hi Moe,

This is looking great, test runs working :slight_smile:

Only issue I have come across is that I would like to use a text formula as the “stripe description”. It works except for the formula cannot have spaces else you get the dreaded non breaking space “&nbsp”.

Im still in test mode so cannot comment on the email just sent by stripe, essentially they are saying the current integration is not SCA compliant and that its likely we may have issues in Europe as SCA is normally required and banks may refuse the charge. Do you know anything about this at all? The email reads:

*Thank you for choosing Stripe! We’re writing because we noticed your account is impacted by a regulatory requirement called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA requires two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments that are not authenticated are at risk of being declined by your customers’ banks.

Your account (Not for Profit Club) has payments (like this one) in test mode using the Charges API, which does not support the authentication requirements of SCA. We recommend using one of our SCA-ready integration paths to avoid more declined European payments.*

Hello @moe ,

I wondered if you have had chance to look at this? We used the payment system properly last week for my club. Out of 25 online payments made, 4 were declined because they require the SCA to be enabled. Stripes documentation refers the user back to the 3rd party software when integrated as such.

It will be absolutely awesome for this to have the SCA security, perhaps the states might require it soon as well?