Custom API Query Parameter

Hello, I am working on a custom api pipe. I can’t seem to get the query parameter to work. I am connecting to the API and their documentation states that the to query you use the ‘q’ parameter. I am entering this as a parameter in Tadabase Pipes but it never query’s the data properly. It just returns all the results. If I add the parameter directly to the URL it works.

Adding the ‘q’ to the parameters does not initiate a search on the data.

I understand this might be a little out of the standard support request. I am hoping it’s just something simple.


In the overview tab, the URL should look like this:{searchQuery}

Then in the slug of the parameter tab, change the slug from q to searchQuery

The Parameters are simply there to enable you to pass custom values from within your app. You can name the Parameter and set the slug to whatever you wish, as long as in the URL and elsewhere it matches exactly. In our case, we set it to ‘searchQuery’ so anywhere that contains searchQuery wrapped in the curly braces, like so: {searchQuery} will be replaced with the value you set.

Let m know if that makes sense, if not, I’d be happy to assist further.