Custom Component Request

I love the custom component and have been using it a lot. One thing I do wish I could do is hide the “No record found” text. If there is a workaround to hide this, I’d be interested in the solution.

Ya, we can and will add that option in the custom component.

For now I can try and give you a hacky way of doing it if you wish.

Here you go, kinda ugly way of doing this until we build it in.

In your Template, add this at the top:

{{#unless records}}
<div id="norecords"> </div>

So basically we’ll only show that div if there are no records.

Next, in the JS of the custom component, add this:

$( document ).ready(function() {
    var noRecords = $( "#norecords" ); 
    if (noRecords){

We’re gonna check if that ID exists and if it does we’ll hide the entire component.


Not so elegant, but hopefully will work for now.


Thanks Moe! This will do the trick.