Customer list - distance shops, Tasks - Pipes

@moe @Chem

I have the following doubt on how to proceed and what are the correct correlations between tables:
I have a list of Customers, to whom I want to send mail (periodically) listing the 10 closest shops.
The email will contain a link, to access the app and see the list of shops.

What I know:

  • use tasks
  • use the tubes

I have the following doubts:

  1. what are the correlations between tables to correctly execute the Tasks to get the Customer ----- distance information?
  2. do I have to have a dedicated table with 10 stores for each customer? so if i have 10,000 customers, i will have 100,000 records ???
  3. I think it is a frequent case, if there was an example app, it would facilitate everyone, much more than many slides and you would take less time. :relaxed: :innocent: