Data field limit?

I found out that there is a data field limit for a data table.
I received the following message:

Your data table has exceeded the allowed limit. You can’t add more field. Please contact support for more details.

There is no limit mentioned in the pricing structure, so I am really surpised about this message. Has anyone else had this experience and how did you resolve it??

I am using a lot of data fields since I am trying to convert a data field of eg .045 to a user friendly 4.50%. So for each field this involves both an equation (0.045 x 100) and a text function (equation result + %)… or has anyone a better suggestion how to do this ?

Hey @slimpens !

This actually isn’t a Tadabase limitation, it’s a limitation that’s enforced through the use of SQL databases. Each field type makes up a percentage of the total table, and there is a hard limit once the table is full.

The breakdown of how these percentages are calculated is shown here in this article.

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@tim.young ,

Ok great :grimacing:. And do you have suggestions what is the quickest way is from 0.045 to 4.5% ?