Data Import Failures


I am having a very frustrating time importing a relatively small (~160) number of records. I have tried via the builder and via app front end template import.

I have an ITEMS table and it will not import more than 120 records from the CSV file. I CANNOT get the last 40 records imported no matter what I do :angry:

I cant even re import the 120 records that originally imported (no match) to the same table. I would have expected it to duplicate the records and I’d end up with 240 records. No joy.

I checked the csv file against this and it is fine.

I created a copy of the Items table in TB and I was able to import the remaining 40 records so I doubt there is an issue with the CSV file.

At no stage (either via the builder or via the app front end) does it ever indicate an error. If anything its the opposite - the app front indicates that the records have been imported successfully! (when it has not)

Also at no stage does Settings → Logs → Imports ever indicate I have successfully or otherwise imported data . Even for the 120 records successfully imported.

We were hoping to be able to use the import through front end on an ongoing basis to update the Items master List.

It really feels like some kind of issue with TB or this table?
I have spent 3+ days on this😖

Anybody see issues like this and come up with a resolution ?
How reliable have you found the data builder import and the front end import ?


Hallelujah :grinning: I figured it out.

The Item Name is set as unique in the builder but the data being imported is not. (The combination of two fields actually makes it unique within the app.) Turning off “Must be Unique” allowed import of the data.

It would be really good if Tadabase to had (any😉) better error messages for stuff like this PLEASE.

Hopefully this info helps some other builder some day !!