Database engine behind Tadabase

Just curious as to what database engine, if any, is behind Tadabase? And following up on that, are there SQL connectors to link external systems to the Tadabase database source (if it’s using a SQL powered engine)?

Hi @fullnelson and welcome to the community.

We use SQL as our backend for most critical data. We do utilize multiple different technologies and databases depending on the requirements. The majority of it though is on SQL.

We don’t have any external connectors to link directly to database, only via REST API. On some of our Enterprise plans you’re able to get direct access to your SQL instance cluster and then use any connector you wish.

I hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for the feedback on that and clarifying the REST API interface, but I’m still a little confused on what “multiple different technologies and databases depending on the requirements” really means? Can you pinpoint one or more specific SQL database engines that you use and why?