Databridge - queries, filters and sorts

I am no expert on Databridge use, but it looks fantastic. I wish I could make it work for me.

The reason I can’t is that the data returned is too vast, I want to query the remote source for the data I want, rather than grab it all.

For example. In Hubspot we have dozens of deals, but I am really interested in the unclosed deals (those deals that are active in our pipeline). What the Databridge currently returns in all deals - past and present, started by oldest first.

There is some functionality to allow me to determine which fields I want, and that’s great I want that. But really I need to be able to set up my query to determine which records I get - what to filter upon, what to sort upon.

I understand that each API will have its own query syntax.Often the filter and sort parameters need to be added to the endpOint URL, although sometimes they can be a json string.

I know that this is probably a tall order - but without it, I can’t really use the Databridges.

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I see in their API their search gets quite complex.

We’ll take a look and see if this is possible the way Databridge is currently built out.

If their search allowed searching in the URL this would be accomplished in minutes.

Thanks @moe
I actually created a custom Pipe for Hubspot to experiment with filters.
I found that by using a Raw Data Request, like below, I could acheive the kind of filtering I want.
If I was able to add to the Databridge request like this it would be marvelous.

Although the syntax is not easy or obvious.

Therefore an even better solution would be being able to add filter and sort parameters (in triples - of ‘property name’, 'operator, and ‘values’)

Of course, you could ask ‘why bother if you have a working pipe’ and thats legitimate. But the answer to that is that I can’t see a way to easily emulate the elegance and consistency you’ve acheived with the array handling, table display, and ability to reference across Databridges and populate Tadabase fields.


      "values": ["appointmentscheduled", "contractsent", "qualifiedtobuy","5433081", "presentationscheduled", "decisionmakerboughtin"]