Date Equation Field - need to pass value to another field or run a scheduled task

I have a date equation field.

It looks up the number of days a bank’s ‘mortgage offer’ last for (from the organisations table), adds it to a date field (offer issued date) and gives us the desired result of an Offer Expirey date.

However other than displaying the date i am struggling to get any real benefit from it. We need an email to go out to the brokers letting them know when an Offer will expire within 3 weeks. But the scheduled task doesn’t allow that on date equation fields.

I have tried to pass the value of the date equation field to a normal date field on which i can run the scheduled task but that doesn’t seem to be an option either.

Does anyone have a work around for this, other than the user typing in the expiry date?

You might turn the date into a universal UNIX timestamp and then work with simple mathematics. You could use the DATEDIFF function for that, and take the first date 1970-01-01. I don’t see the function UNIX_TIMESTAMP in the editor, which would be available in SQL, to do it directly.

I hope I don’t miss something here.

You could do this pretty easily in Make / Integromat. You’ll have to step out of Tadabase, and learn the Make tool, but yes this is doable there as a scheduled or triggered task.

I think this is quite straightforward. You can copy the offer´s duration value from the connected organization table when creating the offer using a record rule, saving to a number field. You can also have a date field, maybe with the current date, and a table rule or form record rule that triggers a date pipe, adding days, setting initial date from current date and duration from the number field; the result will be saved as the pipe result in another date field (alert date, i.e.). Then you can set a daily task, for this table, sending email type, filtering when alert date is today or after today maybe, send an email to whoever or from an email field, and customize that