Date Formula: Add Months to Date Field

I’d like to be able to add x number of months to a Date Field using Date Formula. The number of months is from a select picker field. Is it possible to do that?

If you want the number of months to be dynamic, you can’t use a Date Formula. You can probably use an equation, but I’d recommend just using the Tadabase Date Utilities pipe.

Once installed, add a rule that looks like this;

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I want to do something similar to this, with a few changes.

  • I need to set multiple dates fields inside the record (for example, one is a month away and one is two months away). Do I need multiple record rules running the same pipe with the same conditions?

  • I would like the fields to display in the Add form, rather than running behind the scenes after the submit. Can the date pipe run that way?

  • I would like to retrieve one of the parameters from a connected record, rather than the subject record. So the connection would be shown in the Add form, and when I make selections (before submit), the pipe would run and update the form fields accordingly. Is that possible?

I tried doing some of this date formula fields and it did not work. But maybe that’s actually the best way to do it once I know how those formula fields work?

Welcome to the community @PWalsh

If the result of the pipe is going to be different per field, then yes, you will need to have multiple rules running their own pipe. For example, rule #1 could be adding 10 days, rule #2 could be adding 20 days.

As far as I know, this is not possible due to the order in which Pipes run. Pipes set to run on record rules are processed after the form is submitted.

This is not currently possible. Pipes parameters can only be set from record values, not connected values.

Hi Tim, Thanks for the answers. I played around and figured a work around to my third question. I can use record rules on the submit form to set record values based on the connected values, and then the next record rule uses the tadabase date pipe to compute a date using the just set record value.

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