Creating recurring calendar events

Hi Guys, we have been looking into this and we came up with an idea to make recurring tasks, tested for weekly recurrences will have to do some more testing to see how this works for months.

Now our solution doesn’t create multiple entries at once but for the weekly example will add an item into the table a day after the start of the previous entry, as such once a week it will add a new item (6 days prior to the start date)

The below example uses the date range field in order to work with calendars but it’s easier to do if it’s just a task (currently we haven’t been able to update a date range field using another date range field if that starts working this could become even easier)

to do this you need 6 fields (not including the item name)
Date range (date range)
Next Task run (date field)
Date/time start (date/time field)
Date/time end (date/time field)
New Date/time start (date/time field)
New Date/time end (date/time field)

In your record form instead of presenting the date range field you will want to present the individual date/time start and date/time end fields and then use a form rule to update the date range start and end dates with the values entered above.
(edit - if you are using dd/mm/yyy format you will want to create two date utilities pipes in the form to add 0.1 seconds, as the format is automatically changed to mm/dd/yyyy when using the base update record actions, we tried adding 0 days but it didn’t like it however 0.1 when tested in the pipes actually add’s 0 seconds keeping the date and time the same :slight_smile: )

You will also need to use the date utilities pipe, below is an example from another post

using the link above create 3 record rules (on create, or create and edit as you see fit) each using the date utilities pipe.
date(add day) pipe action to add date/time start + 1 day to next task run
date(add day) pipe action to add date/time start + 7 day to new date/time start
date(add day) pipe action to add date/time end + 7 day to new date/time end

This will prep your record for an automated task we will create.

We create a daily automated task to insert new record into the same table.

Condition - if ‘Next task run’ = today

we set the following values
date range - start to New date/time start
date range - end to New date/time end
date/time start to New date/time start
date/time end to New date/time start

The record rule will then prep the new item for a task run the following week.

Obviously if you don’ want all your items to recur you will want to add an additional fields and conditions. It’s not perfect and won’t work for all use cases however it works for what we wanted it to do so we thought we would share this in case it helps anyone else.