Dependent field

Hi, I’m trying to set up a classic project management app. I have a Projects table & a Tasks table, each task is connected to the Project Id. Each task has, initial date, duration and finish date (initial + duration). The key point is to set another field called Dependent On, where each task should be connected to the task (same table) that is dependent, I mean, task 1 must finish to start task 2. I used this configuration in Airtable ( and works perfect, but in Tadabase is not working, a rollup field (max value end date) inside the same table shows nothing. It could be a GREAT feature and make a terrible difference!
Other solutions like Quickbase use a special field called Precedent to solve that (
Any ideas???

Hey @Aprada, you’ve brought up an exciting configuration! :smile: We’ve been working on an update to the Rollup field that will allow you to calculate based on a connection to the same table. The update is currently on our Staging (Development) server and will go live during our next update.

I’ll update you here once it’s live.

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Hi Chem, that’s terrific news! Please be sure the rollup field can work with multiple dependencies, I mean, if task3 depends on finishing task1 & task2, the rollup field (date max value) should bring only the latest date of both tasks.
Thank you very much