Detail page security connected to logged-in user's field

@moe Looking for a way to restrict access to a record’s detail page based on a connected value of the logged-in user.

For example, I can filter a data table to only display records whose Company (connection) is connected to the logged-in user’s Company (connection).

This works well, but when you create a detail or edit page from that data table, the restriction of access based on Company is lost.

Said otherwise, I only want users to be able to view detail pages of records where the record’s Company is equal to the user’s Company.

@ScottG -

This is a fairly straightforward process. You’ll need to create a company table and associate each company with the respective user. The company table will have a connection from the company table to the user table.

Then, in the page builder, you can create a table, and in the filters tab of the data source you can then select company that is connected to the logged in user field of associated company.

Caveat to that is that it will show all companies that are associated with that user so if you have multiple companies, it will show multiple companies in that table.

@SafetyUniversity Hi Adam, thanks for your reply. I believe you’re referring to the data table itself rather than a specific record’s detail page.

I’m more concerned of a scenario in which a user connected to Company #1 is provided the direct URL to a detail page of a record that is connected to Company #2, that user can still access the detail page.

There appears to be no way to restrict access to a detail page by the connected company.