Diagram not sorting rows by numeric value

I have a diagram that is supposed to sort rows based on economic value, but it doesn’t.

The order entered is correct, checked several times.
The economic value field is the sum of a related child table.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

You have a solution

Hi, I think the sort criterium needs to be set in the chart options, you are showing the field options

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Agreed, the sorting would be identified in the Chart component or whatever charting JS you are using. It would not be sorted in the data table field.

Sure, put that image to mean it’s a calculated sum field,
in the settings the order is correct.
I don’t see where else I can set sorting

Mmmmm You are using a rollup field as the X-axis, and it is not a numeric field, it’s a string type, so sorting criterium is different, You need to set a rule to copy the value from the rollup to a new numeric field

As X-axis, are the customer names, which are grouped by the diagram,
as Y axis, it is the economic result of many contracts for each customer, again calculated from the diagram,
the only thing I wanted to highlight is that each contract uses the complex formula / sum function, to add the sum of many orders.

I’ve tried entering the sum in an equation field and a numeric field, but the result doesn’t change.
Thanks anyway

Sometimes with the problem of sorting, this is because I use the connection field itself, and then the sorting will be the record-ID, not what is used as the display. Could this be?