Did I miss a feature update on dependent drop downs 🤔?

I seem to recall that the dependent drop-downs feature used to be limited to just 2 dropdowns on a form that could be limited to show the connected fields, but upon reviewing that functionality now it appears not to have any limitations! I know Tadabase released the multi–dependency option (which I need to :slight_smile: ) but I swear an earlier version of this feature was limited to just two drop-down fields per page?

Am I going mad &£$%^$*"? :crazy_face: Can anyone confirm ?

Just highlighting it in case anyone else was under that impression too… I’m definitely going to revisit some developments and make some updates…

@GREDDIE Interesting. Maybe it was a bug or other issue, but I don’t recall having that limit ever seeing that limit as something we intended to have.

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