Display API response in a custom component as a table/list

Hello all,

I am trying to create a custom component which would send a GET request to an API and display the response (an array of results) in a table or list format, but not storing them in the database. Does anyone know how I can achieve that? Can it be done via Pipes or it has to be done entirely in javascript of the component?


I’ve seen this done many times and the best option I’ve seen utilized is DataTables.

For example:

Check out this snippet for a starting point:

Hi Moe, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I am unable to copy the code of the pipe. Could you enable that feature for me?



There was an alternative method posted by @chem recently.
See it here


Hi @Chem ,

I am still trying to dipslay the response of a pipe in a table following the instructions in the video, however I get stuck before setting the variables in the javascript to work with each response. How should I change the code to be able to extract the array named organic_results? I have attached the console log from the first step. Thanks in advance.

Hey @avralex! Looks like all you need is to add a “.organic_results” to whatever you have inside the console.log()