Display Detail page and main table page on same page

Hi I am trying to display detail page and main page and add form page on same page. The main page contains table , detail page is of table and form is to add record on the table. So I am trying to create a page where I can display all this page on the same page may be each page as component.
Any help !

Thanks in advance

@bas123 - at this time a record details can only be displayed on child pages. We use the URL as a way to know which specific record to show the details for.

We have changes some of the behavior of how components interact with each other, for example, a search component is connected to any component on that same page. With that in mind, we plan on doing something very similar for all components. In your case, that would mean - add a Details component to a ‘parent’ page and then link it to a selected record. So when a record is selected it will link to the details component. Pivot tables work similar to this as well when you have details enabled.

This is in our internal roadmap, but not in the very immediate future.

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Thank you for support…

Hi Moe,
Was there any update to this?
I have a similar requirement to display the main table, the child form and even grandchild form on the same page, rather than on a child page.
You also mentioned that you use URL to know which specific record to show details for. Possible to explain how that was done?