Display Individual Action Link Status in APP

I am wondering if there is any way to show the progress specific to an action link that is run? This would be on the app side, not builder. Currently, it appears there is no way to view the progress of an action link and this is a problem as it prevents you from having any insight into how much time an action has remaining before completion.

If this is truly not currently available, I would like to request this feature or perhaps a way to implement this as my customers need to know the status of action links they run.

For example, when running an action link, it might display a processing indicator like the following


Ideally, it would display a progress indicator so you could see far along the action link has progressed through all the rules. See below.
progress bar

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@moe @Chem @tim.young My customers are always in the dark when it comes to task status or action link status. Tadabase really needs a way to display the progress of a task and action links, so customers know where they are at with it processing.

Is there any way to enable some sort of progress indicator after you click on an action link that would allow the customer to see at least that the action link is running? Perhaps something that would appear where the action link button is and state processing instead of the button just changing color or graying? Thats just enough and is confusing.

I posted this with not a single response or anyone concurring they need this. I’m surprised the community isn’t demanding this, as there is no insight for customers to see the progress of task or action link.

This is a good idea @centellix, I’d love to understand better how you envision this.

We’ll certainly keep an eye on the number of likes here!

@centellix, while I do think this is something we should eventually add. The task is not something we built with the end-user in mind, rather for the Builder.

Without getting too technical, there are reasons we have not added more to this feature. It’s something that prior to expanding we need to ensure we can properly deal with the scalability. When this is available to all your end-users, it’s possible that 100’s of users can be running these tasks simultaneously. That’s likely not usually the case, but certainly something we’ve seen.

Bottom line, at this point we don’t have any updates to this feature on our immediate roadmap.

Thanks. I would suggest the action link offer some way for users to see the progress as this is something that IS built for the end user. For example, when my customers click their action link button, it will change colors but offer no feedback as to what is going on until its done. It would be nice to have my customers see some sort of indicator that each action link clicked on is running such as the text or button changing to Processing… with movement to the dots.