Display Rules - fields not in table

Loving Tadabase. A couple things I am seeing would be significant for our team are…

  1. Ability to use fields not in table for display rules. It would be much cleaner and easier than having to add all the extra fields in to the table and hide them.

  2. Ability to copy and sort display rules. We use display rules quite extensively to make our app really intuitive for our team. Some of our fields have 15+ display rules listing icons green/red based on status of each thing. Sorting does not matter once you have the logic correct but when you are creating or adjusting things it is a big deal. To be able to move rules rather that having to redo all of the subsequent rules would be very nice.

  3. Ability to use connected field’s values in display rules. This way you do not have to add additional fields in another table simple to reference a value from a parent table.