Display rules with action links (edit / delete / action)


First of all, I am very new, I discovered Tadabase few days ago, and I really love it !
I try to understand how it is working and how I can adapt it to my project.
I have a lot of questions but I try to answer it by myself reading a lot of topics here and documentation, I spent some hours on it… a lot !!! :slight_smile:

I have a one question for now.
In a table view with tabs filtering and action links, I put some display rules triggered by one field (select field with value set to All or not).

Everything is ok, but when I remove this field from table view, the display rules doesn’t work anymore…
As soon as I add the field in the view, it is working …

My question, is it a normal behavior ?
Or is there any workaround ?

Here some screenshots

With Use field in view

Without Use field in view


This is normal. The field has to be in the table in order for the display rule to work. If you do not want to display the field where your rule is set you can add the class “hide” in the table field settings. This will allow the rule to work but not show the rule field on the table.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this.


I better understand now and I have a workaround thanks to you
As you said I put hide in css class for this field an it’s working perfectly