Displaying uploaded links as thumbnail photos

I’m hoping someone more experienced can suggest a solution. I’m creating an inventory database and have a spreadsheet with the inventory list and photos. Each photo links to the image.

Is it possible for these photo links to be viewed we as thumbnails?

Welcome @Dani!

Have you looked at the list component? You can set an image field as a cover image, that might be a good option.

Thanks Tim, that would be a good way to display the data.

I’m trying to display the image via the link without actually uploading it as an attachment. Trying to avoid having to manually upload every photo. It doesn’t look like there’s a solution for this yet.

Maybe this will help a bit - https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/solution-guides/article/importing-many-images-at-once#bkmrk-page-title

That’s a huge help! I’ll try this. :smiley: