Does anyone know if post json data can be accomplished

It looks like using the API in the builder only accepts form data, verse json. Does anyone know any different? Thanks,

At this time that is only possible with form-data.

However, I will add this to our notes for Tadabase API V2.0. We are actively working on that and I believe this will be done. This isn’t on our urgent timeline, likely 4th quarter.

If you need this urgently, it can be quite simple to build a proxy script that can forward your JSON into form-data and forward it to Tadabase API. I can try and guide a bit if that’s a path you’d like to take.

yeah, any recommendations or guides for a proxy script would be great. Ideally, looking to post records into tadabase from another app that sends as json

I can grab the data from sheets, and refresh the data source that way… but I can’t seem to find the instructions for loading data from sheets. Ive created the pipe, and added It to the page as data source… but kinda stuck from there’d. Or is it better to create an automation of it using sheets as the source?