Dropbox for users

I am creating an app where users can register and store information and files, so I want to give my users the ability to link their own dropbox to their accounts to keep their files on their own dropbox accounts.

Hi @jborgbarthet and welcome to the community!

The Dropbox integration is intended for storing apps at the app level, not the user level. I don’t believe it would be possible to do this this integration directly since the Oauth/tokens must be passed server-side.

However, if this is critical (might) be able achieve some advanced file upload customization with a front-end uploading framework such as Uploadcare or Cloudinary. For example, users can use their own Cloudinary accounts then set up their Cloudinary accounts to save the files to another location.

This is more than just a limitation with Tadabase, its also limited by Dropbox when creating apps that can gain access to other user’s Dropbox accounts.

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