Dropbox - Image storage

I have linked my Dropbox account with Tadabase but when I upload my images, they do not get uploaded to Dropbox and they are saved to Tadabase storage.

Can someone please guide me on how to make sure that when users upload images they are stored in Dropbox?


The File Location Setting to store uploaded files in Dropbox is for File fields only. Image fields will not be uploaded to Dropbox.

You can, however, use a file field as an image field with a few tricks.


  1. Use form validation rules to ensure your users are only uploading image type fields
  2. You can display the file field as an image using the file Raw Variable in an HTML component on a details page or inside a List Component.
    For example, as you can see in the image below, I’ve added an image to an HTML component (on a details page of a record that conatins a file) and added the Raw variable {!!File.url!!} as the image source.
  3. The same exact thing can be done inside a list component if you wanted to display all images on a Parent page instead of one, on a details page.